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Looking to increase your ad revenue? Join other leading publishers capturing fresh new revenue with the world's highest adblock recovery rate.
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“Ad-Shield is a success for us. We recommend Ad-Shield to any publishers looking to understand the impact of adblock traffic and to effectively address this traffic.”

- Jan van der Crabben, CEO and Founder of World History Encyclopedia

"Ad-Shield’s adblock revenue recovery solution was able to connect with various demand sources and quickly increased our revenue.
Now, Ad-Shield is one of our most important partners and indispensable for our revenue generation.”


“The site was heading deeper and deeper into the red because of maintenance costs … while agonizing over whether I should shut down the website, users introduced me to a solution called Ad-Shield.”

- Jinil Choi, LOAWA Founder & CEO

Still struggling with adblock users?

Although 90% of adblock users are accepting of non-intrusive ads, publishers continue to lose 10-40% of their revenue to adblocking.

Our Technology is Different


4+ years

Countered block attempts


Recovery rate


Why Ad-Shield?

Quick & Seamless Integration

Simply add a single line script. Just decide which inventory to recover.


Recovered ads are shown
exclusively to adblock users. No impact on non-adblock users and existing ad revenue.


No upfront / additional cost. Only get the upside from ad recovery.

Protects your ad inventory from any adblocker

The only solution that can recover ads against any / multiple ad blockers. Guaranteed highest recovery rate.


We only serve non-intrusive ads that are compliant with the Better Ads Standards. Opt-out function can be offered to users.

Higher Returns

Adblock users have shown higher CTR and conversion rates.

Numbers show the difference

Adblock recovery rate
Acceptable Ads (AdBlock, Adblock Plus only)
Ad-Shield (All ad blockers)
Ad loading speed
Acceptable Ads (AdBlock, Adblock Plus only)
Ad-Shield (All ad blockers)
* Recovery rate may vary under different settings