Case study: How South Korea’s top gaming community increased ad revenue by 30% with fewer ads



September 27, 2023

Case study: How South Korea’s top gaming community increased ad revenue by 30% with fewer ads



September 27, 2023

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“Ad-Shield’s adblock revenue recovery solution was able to connect with various demand sources and quickly increased our revenue. Now, Ad-Shield is one of our most important partners and indispensable for our revenue generation.”


The problem: Lots of traffic, but low ad revenue

YGOSU is one of South Korea’s largest gaming communities, with over two million daily active users (DAU). The CEO approached us two years ago with a problem: Their ad revenue was significantly lower than their high traffic. They believed that the solution was to display more ads.

We advised against this. Though showing more ads can produce short-term results, simply increasing advertisements without considering UX creates negative ad experiences for users. As intrusive, annoying ads increase, the use of ad blockers grows. More ad blockers mean fewer impressions. Publishers end up showing more ads while lowering their eCPM and overall ad revenue.

We didn’t increase YGOSU’s ads. Instead, we first measured YGOSU's ad block ratio to determine the number of ad impressions that we could regain.

The cause: 40% ad block ratio (40% loss in ad revenue)

YGOSU assumed their ad-block ratio would be 5-10%. To YGOSU’s surprise, it was 40%, over four times their internal estimate.

Despite their sizeable traffic, YGOSU’s high blocked ads ratio was making them lose money. They realized a powerful ad tech solution was necessary to recover their substantial lost ad revenue. Being a gaming community, YGOSU had no experience with ad block recovery and was wary of wasting in-house engineering resources. Our team of dedicated adblock experts and guaranteed 90%+ recovery rate made Ad-Shield their vendor of choice.


Since 2021, Ad-Shield has

- Monetized over 700 million pageviews for YGOSU

- Increased YGOSU’s RPM

Thanks to Ad-Shield, YGOSU’s ad revenue increased by 30% - while showing fewer advertisements

Methodology: Less annoying ads, more revenue

Before Ad-Shield, YGOSU’s website was cluttered with ads in annoying and intrusive ad formats, such as floating ads.

YGOSU’s website before implementing Ad-Shield

Ad-Shield optimized YGOSU's ad space by reducing ads and displaying only Better Ads Standard-compliant ads.

YGOSU’s website after implementing Ad-Shield

Ad-Shield's advanced technology consistently recovers over 90% of blocked ads from YGOSU, without subjecting users to annoying or intrusive ads. Thanks to the improved ad experience, YGOSU was able to increase their RPM on top of recovering lost impressions. Today, YGOSU’s millions of ad-block and non-adblock users continue to enjoy a positive user experience.

Want to maximize your ad revenue like YGOSU? Try our revenue recovery calculator to see how much you’re losing - and how much you can earn.
Joon Yu
Founder & CEO