Introducing Ad-Shield Recovery: The most advanced adblock recovery solution



August 10, 2023

Introducing Ad-Shield Recovery: The most advanced adblock recovery solution



August 10, 2023

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As you may (or may not) expect, ad blocking has a surprisingly long history. With the rise of online banner ads starting in the 90s, ad blocking technology naturally began to emerge and such technology have been part of the digital ad ecosystem ever since.

Needless to say, there have been meaningful developments in the space and now, a record number & percentage of internet users are using tools to block / remove ads online. With the steep rise in various adblocking tools combined with new browsers whose default plug-ins including adblock functionality, publishers as well as advertisers are struggling more than ever.


It may not look so intuitive but ad blockers are creating a vicious cycle in the digital ad ecosystem that is only growing. As more people use ad blockers, publishers are faced with declining ad revenue. To make up for the loss that is much needed for quality content creation, publishers turn to inserting more ads, sometimes even lower quality ones.

Advertisers, on the other side, get lower returns on their ad spend, and lose track of their true performance as the data they get on the ad campaigns become murky with ad blockers in the mix. This leads to advertisers spending less on the digital ad campaigns at times, further exacerbating the situation.

From the readers / internet users perspective, however, they are seeing increased number of ads, turning their heads to installing ad blockers on their devices. This leads to higher number of ads being removed on the web. And this continues on.

illustrative-impacts-of-ad-blockers-on the-digital-ecosystem

Given the huge impact to the publishers, there have been multiple attempts so far to counteract to ad blockers. Not only small-to-medium publishers who are struggling to stay afloat, major publishers like Google and Facebook have been actively reacting to ad blockers so far behind the scenes. You can reference our blog article about YouTube’s attempts to mitigate ad blockers’ impact on their platform.

Even with the meaningful efforts so far, no one has been able to fully solve this issue with a scalable, healthy approach. And that is why our team has developed a completely new technology that does not exist in the market today.

Our goal is to make the digital ad ecosystem more healthy and sustainable, thereby help building the free and fair internet enjoyable for everyone. The team has been developing and updating this new technology for the last 4 years, longer than anyone who have fully devoted the time on this issue.

After rolling out various different beta versions to select publishers and going through robust tests, we are super excited to now unveil this new technology to the public.

To briefly summarize how Ad-Shield Recovery is different from anything else that is on the market:

  • It works with any ad blockers in the world. Period. In essence, Ad-Shield recovery can serve ads to adblock users regardless of the ad blockers that they are using. Until now, other services / solutions have only worked for 1-2 specific ad blockers and ads are completely wiped out once other types of ad blockers are enabled.
  • This critical difference is proven by the numbers. Ad-Shield’s solution consistently offers 90%+ recovery rate (% of blocked ads that gets eventually served / recovered to the users) while leading solutions in the market displays only 15-25% recovery rate.


For publishers, it is truly a no-brainer solution given the below:

Quick & seamless integration

it takes less than 10 minutes to integrate to our solution. All it takes is placing a single line of code to the website to integrate with this next-gen solution.

Zero cost

There is no upfront cost or fixed fee for using our solution. Only when there is additional revenue that we generate for the publishers, we would take a share of that upside.

Zero risk

There is no impact to the existing ads / non-adblock users. Ad-Shield ads will be served to only ad block users, and only when the original ad spaces are getting removed.


User experience is definitely top of mind for us. All recovered ads comply with the Better Ads Standards and we strive to serve non-intrusive ads only. For a very small % of ad block users who absolutely do not want to see ads, we offer an opt-out function where they can choose to see zero ads (in beta mode currently).

During the beta launch period, we received an overwhelming amount of interest from publishers around the world who wanted to try out this new solution. So far, we have been able to onboard dozens of publishers and the feedback have been extremely positive. Now we’re super excited to help more publishers monetize ad block traffic and generate additional earnings.

"Through Ad-Shield, not only did we recover the loss due to adblock, we also turned that loss into profit and generated an incremental stream of ad revenue. With Ad-Shield, we were able to generate meaningful additional income without putting more ads."

- Top global gaming community
"There is no reason not to use this solution… there is a zero cost incurred to the publishers, not to mention the revenue-boosting impact the solution brings. Since the implementation is super simple, I recommend that everyone give Ad-Shield a try."

- Top Asian newspaper

If you have never thought about the impact of ad block traffic or are still struggling with ad block losses, we recommend trying out Ad-Shield Recovery to instantly start recovering blocked ad spaces.

Join us in building an internet enjoyable for everyone. Contact us to get started.
Dustin Cha
Co-Founder & CSO